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Week 15 Microfiction: Cryptids

Bigfoot: For the past 400 years a 6 to 15 tall Sasquatch roamed the woods in the Pacific Northwest. Some say he is a remnant of Neanderthals other find him an anomaly. His quiet movements have kept him safe, but records have shown high pitched cries in the area. The Abominable Snowman and Yeti are kin to the American Bigfoot. He has been sighted but never caught. In Bluff Creek California a video was taken of a creature strolling through the forest. Why does Bigfoot wish to be hidden? Does he know something we don't? Probably. Chupacabra: The Chupacabra, chupar which means to suck and cabra which means goat, is a blood sucking reptilian creature that targets livestock. There are reports on farms in Puerto Rico of a vampiric creature targeting and draining blood from sheep and goats. People have described this cryptid to  have the lower body of a kangaroo and the upper body of a primate with crab claws. Every found DNA match and photograph of alleged Chupacabra have been coyote-l
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Week 15 Reading A: Brothers Grimm

Photo by  Stephen Hocking  on  Unsplash This story is part of the Brothers Grimm (LibriVox) unit . Story source: Fairy Tales by the Brothers Grimm , an audiobook recording available at LibriVox based on a Project Gutenberg publication. -Princess went on a stroll - Went to a spring and looked out into the water -Golden ball in her hand, which fell into the water. -Calls out saying she'd give all her clothes and jewels to get the ball back -Frog put head out of water and spoke to her -Frog will bring ball if she loves him -Princess didn't believe him -She got the ball back and ran away -The frog found her in her home and called out to her -she was frightened that he was there. -The king told her that she had to keep her word -The frog sat next to her and ate from her plate -after three nights, the frog transformed into a prince and the princess broke the cruel spell

Week 14 Story: Italian Micro-fiction

  Photo by  Bence Balla-Schottner  on  Unsplash Zelinda and the Monster: Father Goes to Town: There was a man with three daughters, all different in disposition. They all asked him for something from town when he left. Rosina asked for a dress, Marietta wanted a shawl and Zelinda wanted just a rose. Their father was headed back when he realized he had no rose, he went into the field and found one to pick. Once he picked the rose, a monster appeared and began to threaten him. This monster threatened the man's life. The father begged and begged, he had three daughters at home alone he needed to care for. The monster let him go, but required a life. Zelinda in the Castle: Zelinda heard her father's story and knew it was all her fault, she volunteered to be given to the monster. When they got there, the beast was satisfied with his sacrifice and sent the father out. He kept the girl there and fell in love with her. Zelinda was indifferent, she could not love such a hideous disgusti

Week 14 Reading A: Italian Popular Tales

Photo by  kenny  on  Unsplash This story is part of the Italian Popular Tales unit . Story source: Italian Popular Tales by Thomas Frederick Crane (1885). Zelinda and the Monster: There was a man who had three daughters all vastly different from one another. One had the fairest disposition, the others envied her greatly. The daughters asked their dad for presents, Rosina asked for a dress, Marietta wanted a shawl and Zelinda wanted just a rose. The man saw the rose in a beautiful rosebud he looked and there were no living souls in the area. Once he pulled the flower from the stock flames came from the earth and a terrible monster with the figure of a dragon hissed at him threatening to kill him for destroying his rosebush. The man begged for his life for his family to make sure they would remain safe. He assured the man that someone must die for the crime he had committed. Zelinda and her father went to the garden since it was her fault she volunteered to go. They returned and the ma

Week 13 Story: The Abandoned Kingdom

Photo by  Ikiobelung  on  Unsplash  Story source:  King Arthur: Tales of the Round Table  by Andrew Lang and illustrated by H. J. Ford (1902). A long long time ago there was no king in the Kingdom of Aldarir. Every knight throughout the realms wanted to have their chance at the crown. Many men tried to take the kingdom and so the local wizard decided to do something about it. The wizard Trygve who's name means "trustworthy," used magic to lock the castle. The only person who could unlock the castle would be true ruler over Aldarir. The key was placed in plain sight, almost as a welcoming sign to try the door. The key knew who would be worthy and who would not. Knights from near and far came and gathered to line up politely and attempt to unlock the door. Some the door would throw them far away, some would just get their wrist twisted and some could not even see the key. None could turn the key in the lock. The guards of the castle were tired, so they told everyone to deli

Week 13 Reading Notes B: King Arthur

  Photo by  Omar Prestwich  on  Unsplash This story is part of the King Arthur unit . Story source: King Arthur: Tales of the Round Table by Andrew Lang and illustrated by H. J. Ford (1902). Sir Lancelot tied his horse to a tree and stopped for a bit. He dreamed of knights and woke up and his horse was gone so he left by foot.  Sir Bors was told by the hermit that he must wear this garment instead of a shirt on his quest for the grail. He took off his clothes and put on a scarlet coat. On shore he found a vessel and as soon he stepped foot onto the boat it took off as if he had been flying.  The king fell ill, and soon he may die. The three knights gave their forgiveness while he was on his death bed. Galahad was proclaimed king, Galahad's soul left his body and was carried by angels up to heaven. Since then no man dared to say they had seen the holy grail. When a year and two months passed Sir Percivale died as well and was buried by his side. 

Week 13 Reading Notes A: King Arthur

Photo by  Omar Prestwich  on  Unsplash This story is part of the King Arthur unit . Story source: King Arthur: Tales of the Round Table by Andrew Lang and illustrated by H. J. Ford (1902). A long time ago there was no king in Britain. Every knight tried to get the crown for himself. Merlin the magician decided that on Christmas they should all meet. They saw a large stone in the courtyard that said whoever could pull the sword from the stone would be the king of England.  They decided on New Year's Day a tournament should be held to see who could remove the sword from this stone. Sir Ector brought Sir Kay and his foster brother Arthur for the tournament. Kay realized he did not have his sword and begged Arthur to grab it for him. When Arthur came back the sword was not Kay's, but the sword from the stone. Sir Ector told Arthur this made him the rightful king, since this sword was enchanted and none could draw it that was not born a king. They put the sword back in and tried a